It's a truth universally acknowledged that sex sells, and you can bet the team behind Glee had that in mind when cooking up last night's episode, in which not one but two lead characters prepared to lose their virginity, and for an extra dose of scandal, one of the couples was gay. Ratings wise the gambit worked, at least slightly-- according to numbers at THR, Glee's ratings were up just slightly from last week's numbers, bringing in 6.9 million total viewers. New Girl was right behind it in both the time slot and the ratings, netting 6.8 million-- another drop from its pre-World Series high, but still not too bad for the fall season's biggest new hit.

Both were helpless in the face of CBS powerhouse NCIS, which brought in 20.3 million viewers in its original flavor and 15.6 million for NCIS: LA. And thanks to The Biggest Loser, NBC wasn't on the bottom for once! The old warhorse brought in 6.8 million viewers, though none of that did much to buoy its follow-up Parenthood, which was at 5.1 million viewers.

What I really wonder about Glee, though, is if their gimmick of saving the actual sex until a montage at the very end of the episode helped these ratings in any way. How can you be teased with the idea of Kurt and Blaine finally getting between the sheets and not stay tuned in? It may have been irritating for viewers who wanted them to just get on with it, but hey, it got eyeballs. That's what Glee has always been very good at.

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