Glee Watch: Season 4 - Dynamic Duets

Gleeks, in last night's episode, the halls of McKinley High were filled with super heroes big and small. And they faced a great challenge: getting back their nationals trophy! Meanwhile Blaine faced a challenge of his own: whether or not to return to the Warblers. Let's recap, shall we?

Super Glee!

Like all great Glee episodes, the super hero concept basically came out of nowhere. One day the students just decided to dress up like action heroes, and everyone had an alter-ego.

Marley: Woman Fierce (Previously Wallflower)

Sugar: Sweet and Spicy

Jake: Mega Stud

Tina: Asian Persuasion

Brittany: The Human Brain

Becky: Queen Bee

Coach Beiste: The Beiste Master

Sam: Blonde Chameleon

Blaine: Nightbird

Finn: The Almighty Treble Clef

Kitty: Femme Fatale

Ryder: Mega Stud

Artie: Dr. Y

My personal favorites were Coach Beiste's "The Beiste Master" (because the name reminded me of a He-Man character) and Becky's "Queen Bee." Becky made quite the sassy super hero with one liners like "I'm Queen Bee and I can sting like a bitch." LOL I'm also surprised we didn't see Sue Sylvester get in on the action and unveil an acerbic super hero.

Their Mission(s)

Now we all knew our Glee kids couldn't just fly around the halls in capes without there being some sort of moral undertone. To get things started, the Warblers absconded with New Directions' nationals trophy. Blaine/Nightbird decided to return to his old choral stomping grounds to see what he could find out. Once there, he came face-to-face with none other than Sebastian! (Is it odd that I was kind of glad to see him?) Sebastian once again reminded us he was sorry for his past actions (like throwing rock salt in Blaine's eye) and admitted it wasn't he who took the trophy. Instead it was the new captain of the Warblers: Hunter Clarington who took the trophy! (Btw Hunter's name sounds like the name of a Dynasty character.)

Dangling a Warbler jacket in front of Blaine, Hunter and Sebastian encouraged Blaine to try it on for old time's sake. Oh no! Blaine quickly busts out into song, and for most of the episode it looks like we've lost Blaine to the melodic "Warbling" dark side.

Dynamic Duets

Striking out on his first Glee assignment, Finn comes up with a second: pairing students who don't get along (Jake/Ryder and Kitty/Marley) for dynamic duets. Kitty and Marley bond like bulimic Karen Carpenters and get along well for their duet. (I still can't believe Marley is making herself throw up. Ryder obviously didn't get through to her.) Meanwhile Jake and Ryder continue to clash and end their duet with a huge brawl in the choir room.

Finn decides to teach them a kryptonite lesson and tells the two "Mega Studs" to reveal their weaknesses to each other. Jake admits he feels that he doesn't fit in because he is a mixture of black, white and Jewish heritage, and people constantly remind him of it. Then in a shocking twist, we learn Ryder can't read. Later we learn Ryder is dyslexic thanks to Jake cluing in Finn, who in turn sets up a testing session for Ryder with the special education teacher. Aww that's totally something Mr. Schue would do, Finn.

Jake/Marley/Ryder Update

At first, it looks like Marley and Ryder are set to become the new Finchel. But after receiving some sage advice from big bro Puckerman, Jake plays it cool and waits for Marley to come to him. And it works! When Ryder cancels their date because of his dyslexic tutoring, Marley channels her inner "Woman Fierce" and asks Jake out.

What really went down between Blaine and Eli

Blaine's cheating heart is still suffering, and after sort of "cheating" on New Directions by singing with the Warblers, Blaine comes clean to Sam about what really happened with Eli. Turns out Eli was some stranger who friended Blaine on Facebook. Eli and Blaine slept together and afterwards Blaine realized he and Kurt really are meant to be.

While I feel bad for what Blaine is going through, I have to side with Kurt on this one. Cheating by having sex with someone else is the ultimate betrayal of trust, not to mention endangering your partner's health. Sorry Blaine, learn from your mistake and don't do that to the next guy you date.

Mission Complete

Wrapping up our super hero Glee episode, Sam a.k.a. "The Blonde Chameleon" and Blaine a.k.a. "Nightbird" returned to Dalton Academy and retrieved the nationals trophy. And we learned that Blaine has decided to stay at McKinley High after all.

LOL Moments

When Brittany whose alter-ego ironically was "The Human Brain," asked "Kiki" what she thought about Finn's Foreigner sectionals idea and Kiki replied," I think I'm alive and you are the machine."

Memorable quotes

Brittany: "I don't smell raspberry hair gel. Does anyone know where Blaine Warbler is?"

Finn: "My goal was to bring you two together, not to have you guys dress up and karate chop each other in the face."

Finn: "The theme is 'Foreigner.' We're going to sing songs by Foreigner, in foreign languages, wearing all the costumes of the world's nations." Artie: "Wait, seriously? That's your idea?"

Beiste: "I'm the Beast Master. Blaine said I couldn't be faculty adviser unless I dressed up once a week. I'm from the planet Testosrogen. I can digest any known substance and cry at the drop of the hat. I'm not kidding about that last part. Last night I teared up at an Activia commercial."

Music featured

"My Dark Side"


"Holding Out For a Hero"


"Some Nightst"

Gleeks, prepare for an extra helping of turkey when Glee presents their annual Thanksgiving episode a week after the holiday. Looks like your favorite Glee alumni including Quinn return. See you next week!