Glee Watch: Season 5, Episode 12 Watch - 100

Gleeks, last night was Glee's 100th episode. We saw some familiar faces and revisited favorite songs, high school wounds and scandalous pasts. Let's recap, shall we?

Familiar Faces

After hearing that the Glee Club was being shut down, McKinley alum Santana, Rachel, Mercedes, Mike, Quinn and Puck returned to their old stomping grounds one last time.

It was interesting to see how the more things change, the more they stay the same. Puck and Quinn may have revamped their images - Air Force and future WASP bride - but underneath is the same old ornery spirit. Speaking of Quinn's stuck-up boyfriend, Chase Crawford is still looking good. XOXO Gossip Girl.

I also appreciated that Puck got to "dumpster" Biff. Biff deserved it after being such a jerk to Quinn.

So Who is the Best Singer of All-time?

Mercedes and Rachel made everyone vote who was/is the best singer of New Directions. Naturally the vote was split: they're both the best! Talk about corny. We all know the odds of a tie are near impossible.

Old Wounds

Rachel and Mercedes illustrated that the insecurities of high school never leave us. You can be on top of the world (or in a recording studio) and the haunting words of a childhood bully will pop up. Mercedes gave Rachel great advice: use the haters to motivate you.

Brittany is a Genius

I really thought Brittany going to M.I.T. would turn out to be a big farce, but Glee is taking the genius storyline and running with it. Who knew Brittany was really a "Good Will Hunting?" I also enjoyed her human chess experiment.

Is Glee Club Really Gone? And Are Old Flames Being Rekindled?

Despite April's best intentions, she is broke and her foundation is devoid of funds. Sue Sylvester with the help of henchwoman Becky, discover this and break the news to Will and April. Poor Schuester. Who didn't feel bad when he told April, "You did the worst thing, you gave me hope."

Meanwhile Brittany tells Santana that she still has feelings for her, and we spy Puck and Quinn in a lip lock. What will the future hold for these former flames?

Favorite Song of the Night

While I enjoyed the remixes, I have to say that Holly's version of "Happy" was my favorite song. Props to Paltrow for livening up a sad episode.

LOL Moments

April giving flasks to Kurt and Blaine for their wedding night and future divorce. (That girl has no filter.) Also finding out that April was hooking up with Bernie Madoff. Haha.

Memorable Quotes

Jake: "I'm torn. One is black and one is Jewish."

Kurt: "We're enjoying a long engagement."

Mike: "Mike Chang, Asian dancer."

Puck: "Have you noticed how hot I look in my uniform?"

Music featured

"Keep Holding On"


"Defying Gravity"

"Raise Your Glass"



"Party All the Time"

"Total Eclipse of the Heart"

"Loser Like Me"

"Be Okay"

"I Am Changing"

"Just Give Me a Reason"

"Don't Stop Believin'"

Gleeks, next week is part two of our 100th episode featuring more of your favorite songs and faces. See you then!