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I missed the boat on the whole Stargate thing. I dug the original movie with Snake Plissken and Alan Shore, but when SG-1 premiered on Showtime back in 1997 I was cable-free, and by the time it moved to the Sci-Fi Channel it had too many years of continuity behind it to really show up on my radar. I gave it a shot during the Great Farscape Cast Migration of 2005, wasn’t impressed, and that was the end of it. Sure, as a Farscape fan, I am legally obligated to engage in choreographed West Side Story-style brawls with any Stargate fans I happen to meet on the street, but I still have to respect a franchise that rivals Trek for number of spin-offs.

Still, it’s always refreshing to see more actual science fiction airing on (sigh) SyFy, as opposed to wrestling or “reality” programming, and it looks like the upcoming Stargate Universe promises to shake the franchise up a bit. Plus, Lou Diamond Phillips went to the same college I did, so always happy to see him getting a steady paycheck. Below you can check out the new behind-the-scenes video SyFy has released, featuring interviews with the creators and cast.