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Go On Preview: Clips From NBC's Upcoming Comedy Starring Matthew Perry

Among the comedies set to join NBC this fall is Go On, a half-hour show that puts Friends star Matthew Perry back at the network in a starring role. NBC released some clips from the pilot, as well as the official synopsis for the series, which has him playing a sportscaster who suffers a loss and has to attend group therapy to overcome it.

This look at the cast photo gives us an idea of where Perry's character might stand on the whole group-therapy thing. They're all looking enthusiastic and group-huggy, while he's stuck in the middle barely trying to smile.

Created by Scott Silveri, Go On will hopefully find some good in grief as the series is set up as a comedy but may explore some darker subjects, depending on the extent of the loss Perry's character Ryan King suffers. Here's NBC's official description for the show, which is currently currently set up to follow The Voice's results episode on Tuesday nights.

Misery loves company. Unless you're sportscaster Ryan King (Matthew Perry, "Friends," "Mr. Sunshine") who thinks misery should just be left alone. After taking some time off, Ryan – who recently lost his wife in a car accident – is now ready to get back to work. And while he seems like his same old charming, cocky self, his boss won't set him back on the air until he seeks counseling. So, Ryan reluctantly joins a support group with one goal in mind: get in, get out and get back on the radio as quickly as possible.Played by the fast-talking, sarcastic, and charismatic Perry, Ryan gives grief a real run for its money. Within one day of group therapy, he hijacks the meeting and suddenly the downtrodden are cajoled into playing a game of "who's got the best sob story?" And in no time all of them are battling it out, trying to one-up each other's despair. Now, this is fun! Ryan's total lack of interest in healing might be just what this group needs – and maybe, exactly what he needs to move on with his life. Also starring are Tony winner Laura Benanti (“The Playboy Club”), Julie White ("Transformers"), Suzy Nakamura ("Dodgeball"), Khary Payton ("General Hospital") and Allison Miller ("Terra Nova").

The clips below give us a look at the kind of guy Perry is playing, as well as the kinds of people he's surrounded by in group.

The whole "who has it worst" game suggests a kind of laughter-through-pain kind of vibe for the show. I'm not sure I'm sold on it yet, but it looks amusing, and it would be great to see Perry finally find some post-Friends success.

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