Golan The Insatiable Is Becoming A Real Fox Show

It’s taken a while, but Fox has finally decided to transition one of its Animation Domination High Definition segments from the late night scene to the annals of primetime. Audiences can expect to see a newly expanded version of the dark and surreal series Golan the Insatiable debuting on Fox on Sunday, May 31.

With a plot that one would expect from the modern era of adult-oriented animation, Golan the Insatiable centers on the titular godlord, who is exiled from the dimension Gkruool and forced to live on Earth. He moves in with the Beekler family in Oak Grove, Minnesota, and befriends their rebellious, goth-ish, 9-year-old daughter Dylan, who enjoys when Golan attempts to cause trouble in town, something he does with frequency when he’s not taking advantage of Earth and humanity’s customs. You better believe that godlords love water slides.

Beyond the shift from 9-minute (or so) shorts to 20-minute (or so) full-length episodes, Golan the Insatiable will also be adding a handful of recognizable names to the cast. Comedian Rob Riggle will be taking over the role of the gruff-voiced Golan, while Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza will voice Dylan. (That’s practically a match made in Gkruool heaven.) Two more new voices will be Marry Me and Childrens Hospital star Ken Marino, and Futurama star and voice acting icon John DiMaggio.

Maria Bamford, who starred in the original shorts, will be back, presumably in the same role as Dylan’s mother Carole. She’ll be re-joined by impersonator Rachel Butera, who plays Dylan’s sister and Golan’s eye candy Alexis, and comedian Nick Rutherford, who plays Alexis’ boyfriend Keith. It’s unclear who else may or may not be returning. Check out a trailer for it below.

Created by Josh Miller and developed by Drawn Together and DJ and the Fro co-creators Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein, Golan the Insatiable will be moving into the Sunday night slot vacated by Last Man on Earth, which will be coming back for Season 2 either in the fall or winter. It’s unclear if Golan will be the only new addition to the weekend lineup, or if any other ADHD programs will possibly join it, like Axe Cop or maybe Lucas Bros. Moving Co.. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Golan the Insatiable will make its beastly debut on Fox on Sunday, May 31, at 9:30 p.m. ET. Be there or be scared, and catch up with the six previously released episodes on Hulu (opens in new tab).

Nick Venable
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