Sometimes a few changes go a long way. Last night’s Golden Globe telecast opted to cut Ricky Gervais from his normal hosting gig, instead choosing two feisty and intelligent female comedians to propel the show forward. Apparently, this hosting strategy worked, because the Golden Globes have posted their best ratings in six years.

As the 70th year of the awards, the Golden Globes ceremony was kind of a special event this year, although I’m not sure how many viewers connected the dots and even knew the ceremony was an anniversary one. Regardless, Variety is reporting that the Golden Globes brought in a crowd of 19.7 million total viewers, which is the top Golden Globes telecast since the 2007 awards brought in over 20 million. Fey and Poehler’s opening monologue alone (Need I mention the epic James Cameron joke at Kathryn Bigelow’s expense?) is probably enough to explain the bump-up in ratings this year.

The telecast also did well in the coveted 18-49 demographic, averaging a 6.4 rating across the night, which makes me wonder why, if that was such prime advertising space, viewers were subjected to weird “sexy mom buying baby products” ads for Target and the most annoying AFLAC commercial of all time. Complaints aside, the Golden Globes telecast is currently the highest-rated awards show of the season (take that People’s Choice Awards on CBS), although if history holds true, the rating will be beat once the Academy Awards ceremony airs. As much as I like Seth MacFarlane, I kind of wish Poehler and Fey would be back to host for that event, too.

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