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Today marks the day I would say it is official: NBC has made a huge mistake. Ann Curry may never have been the most popular of Today hosts, but during her tenure, NBC’s Today was still consistently beating out Good Morning, America in the ratings, sans one minor incident when Matt Lauer went on vacation at the same time Today was forced to compete with Katie Couric guest hosting on the rival network’s show. In the weeks following Curry’s firing from the popular early morning show, Savannah Guthrie replaced the former host and Today got to cranking out new episodes for a smaller and smaller audience each week.

Over the last four weeks, Today has actually been losing to GMA in total viewers, although both numbers have been between the 4 million and 4 ½ million viewer marks, so it has been a pretty close race. Now, Deadline is reporting ABC’s morning show has earned its first weekly win over NBC in 17 years. That’s a pretty big milestone and one NBC should be fuming over.

It would not be too big of a stretch to state NBC may be looking for someone to blame for Today’s recent shortcomings. Personally, I have never been impressed with Guthrie’s “I’ll smile through anything” interview style and if you need to see what I mean, you can check out the interview the new chick did with a kid who got his arm eaten by an alligator. Brutal. I’m not saying Guthrie is to blame for Today’s fall in the ratings—NBC made a tough firing decision that was leaked out for the entire world to judge—but the new host certainly isn’t helping to create goodwill for the show. Hopefully, Today will look up in the ratings over the next few weeks, because if not, cast members may be forced to duck and cover as NBC becomes a firing range, once more.

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