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The winners and losers of pilot season continue to become more and more apparent as fall carries on. After last week’s report that NBC’s Blindspot had received a full season order, it now looks as another show has followed suit: FOX's Rosewood.

David Madden – President of FOX Entertainment – issued a statement regarding the success of the freshman series:
Rosewood has proven to be a real self-starter for us, which is a tremendous feat on this highly competitive night. Todd Harthan, Morris, Jaina, Lorraine and the entire cast and crew have done a fantastic job creating a gorgeous, sexy world that is the perfect complement to Empire… The upcoming episodes are so compelling as we build out the family dynamics, and with today’s order, we’re excited to explore the world of Rosewood even further this season.

The show has evidently proven to be a big enough success that FOX feels confident enough to continue investing in it. Rosewood premiered to 7.3 million viewers during this fall season and around 9.1 million viewers when digital formats such as Hulu are factored into the equation. As mentioned in Madden’s remarks, much of this has to do with the fact that Rosewood has been paired with the hit series Empire during primetime. Despite FOX’s faith in the show, the series has experienced a drop in ratings since its premiere – we here at Cinema Blend did not give it a glowing review – but FOX seems to believe that Rosewood has what it takes to develop a world of its own and make it to the end of the fall season in one piece.

A medical procedural, Rosewood centers on the dynamic between Pathologist Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr. (Morris Chestnut) and his partner Detective Annalise Villa (Jaina Lee Ortiz) as they solve the Miami PD’s toughest cases. He’s brilliant and impulsive, and she’s a hard-liner, by-the-book cop, and their oppositional dynamic helping to create much of the series’ allure. Considering the successes of House and Bones, FOX seems to have struck a formula for creating series in which a brilliant doctor outsmarts everyone in the room. The series also stars Ana Knonkle (Betas) and Domenick Lombardozzi (The Wire) and will soon introduce actor Taye Diggs for a multiple episode guest-starring role. If you haven't been one of those watching the show, get a taste of it in the trailer below.

So Rosewood fans rejoice, the show will continue its reign for the rest of the season; you can catch the show every Wednesday night on FOX.