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As it turns out we finally got a Sex and the City rumor that might be a little bit true. After Monday's story that a possible new TV season of the HBO show might be in the works, Deadline reports that Carrie Bradshaw could in fact be headed back to television, just not in the form you already know her. There are apparently talks between Warner Bros. Television and The CW to produce a series based on The Carrie Diaries, Candance Bushnell's book that meets the character in her teenage years, serving as kind of a prequel to the hit HBO series.

Yes, before there was Big and Manolos and Berger with his Post-It note, there was Carrie living in a small Midwestern town, competing on the swim team and caring for her two younger sisters. Because this is a story set in high school it shouldn't surprise you that Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, the masterminds behind Gossip Girl and The O.C., are being courted to make the TV show a reality. As you might expect, the people involved with the original series-- creator Darren Starr, showrunner Michael Patrick King and star Sarah Jessica Parker-- aren't attached right now, though you can imagine that if The Carrie Diaries becomes a hit, Parker might find room for herself in a cameo role somewhere.

Of all the objectively terrible ideas that have emerged as ways to keep the Sex and the City franchise going, including a third movie and a prequel movie, this seems like the least awful. The Carrie Diaries, from the reports of those who have read it, is different enough from Sex and the City that it might be able to stand on its own-- Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte don't even come into the picture as characters, though who knows if that might change as the show goes forward. I still resent the show for getting too glitzy in the last few seasons, so I'm not exactly excited to see this-- but I know myself well enough to know that I'll watch it anyway.

Would you watch a Sex and the City prequel TV show?