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Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t yet seen tonight’s episode, “One Flight Down.”

If there’s anyone who’s used to storylines being told through a series of cliffhangers, it’s Grey’s Anatomy fans. First we were left wondering whether or not Derek was sleeping around on Meredith in Washington D.C., and now we’re wondering whether Meredith will ever even see him again. Tonight’s ominous ending led right into this action-packed preview that boasts that nothing can prepare viewers for what’s coming. Check it out!

So let’s try and put some of these bleeding and exploding puzzle pieces together, shall we? Derek has been missing for two days, and Meredith agreed on a time limit to not freak out over it. As her 5:00 p.m. deadline hit, she went to the phone to call someone about it, and that’s when she saw the cop lights outside of her house. And we hear a car door close, causing us to wonder whether it was a cop coming to alert Meredith about Derek’s death – which seems highly unlikely, as they’d probably just make her go to the station – or Derek himself, having been found.

But then we have this crazy ass preview, which presumably clues us in on the events of Derek’s timeline when he’s incommunicado. Though he was supposed to be taking a plane back to D.C., he’s down what looks like a rural road where there’s been a pretty serious car accident. He makes it his life’s mission to save the kid in the car – the name of the episode and the song played over the preview is “How to Save a Life” – and judging from that massive explosion, it’s quite possible that Derek doesn’t make it out of that situation alive. That would be a pretty enormous incident, considering the finale is still a month away.

But then, if he doesn’t die, then what is going to make this episode one “that America will never forget?” We’re an audience that made it through the damnation that was George’s surprising-as-hell death, so there’s nothing here that seems as if it’ll be surprising. After all, we all know that Patrick Dempsey has wanted out of the show for a while now, even though his contract is still intact. But it doesn’t seem like they would put viewers through all this just to have him return to Meredith safe and sound, unless they’re planning on getting him out of the picture in a different way.

And then let’s not forget the end of Meredith’s monologue tonight.

The truth is, you don’t know how you’ll react to your worst case scenario. None of us do…not until it happens.

Find out what happened to Derek (maybe) when Grey’s Anatomy airs next Thursday night on ABC.

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