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Grey's Anatomy Recap: I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me

Holy Wig! When Izzie shows up with her peach fuzz head covered in a red Stepford Wives wig, everyone has a hard time not looking at it. She’s still a cancer patient, but she knows that her job is on the line just like everyone else’s. Everyone is working round the clock, showing up at every call, and the Chief is acting like a maniacal overlord.

And if anyone is fighting for their job, it’s Cristina. In an effort to fly under the radar, yet be incredibly valuable, she latches onto Arizona and joins the pediatric team. Cristina dealing with children is almost laughable – and actually provides a chuckle or two in this tense episode. Miss C thinks she is striking gold by moving to peds, because she will be able to do all types of surgery, and on little people, which makes the surgery harder, which is of course, better. Things don’t turn out as planned, though, when she realizes kids are a little more resilient than their adult counterparts. And then Callie outs her to Arizona – in the she doesn’t really like kids sense of outing.

I love Bailey, and she didn’t get quite enough air time last week, so I’m super glad she’s got a major case this time around. When a woman is wheeled in after a vehicle accident, she tells the docs that her adult son has to stay with her because he’s a Paranoid Schizophrenic. Clearly, this is going to cause problems. While the docs are examining her, Bailey finds a mass in her stomach. The schizo son believes that his mom has been impregnated by the aliens who follow him. He also believes the aliens are watching him through all smoke alarms. Did I mention the mass is pulsating?

The schizo son attacks Lexie and disappears in to the hospital. Security catches up with him and he falls down the huge set of stairs in the lobby. Just prior to the fall, Bailey discovers the mom has an abdominal aneurysm that has a 75% chance of bursting. Bailey delivers this awful news to the mom while her son is being examined (yes – he’s sedated), and the mom refuses surgery because there is no one to care for her son.

Back to Izzie, Alex is hovering like a mother hen, and with good reason, because he already lost her once. He reminds her to take her meds, begs her to bow out of a 5 hour surgery, and forces her to leave surgery to take more meds. He tells her she’s an amazing doctor – but she has to take care of herself.

Cristina nearly has an orgasm when she walks into Arizona’s emergency surgery – and finds a baby whose arm was severed when an amateur OB did a c-section. As a mom who had (and I mean that had – there was no other choice) three, count ‘em, three c-sections, I nearly threw up.

Lexie saves the day for the schizo and his momma – realizing that he is semi-bleeding enough to necessitate surgery – and if he’s in surgery, his mom can have her surgery. They both survive, and Lexie gets to get some surgery time.

Mark Sloan saves the day with the baby – and fixes her arm. He also wins the best line of the show with – “That’s how I know my job is safe, Yang – I reattach babies arms.”

Derrick confronts the Chief and begs him to talk to the people. The Chief assures Derrick he did his best to save as many jobs as he could – but he also admits that HR will be sending emails to the first round of cuts. Cristina, Alex, Izzie & Meredith make the cut, as does Lexie, but the gawky guy’s wife didn’t make it. Oh, and that nurse that Izzie caught Alex sleeping with ages ago – yup, she’s gone too.

Owen & Christina, Meredith & Derrick and Mark & Lexie head out to play a little baseball and get their minds off of Seattle Grace. Cristina pitches a fit, and Owen turns on the pitching machine. Then he spouts the even best-er (I know, not a word) line of the show – “You gotta stop thinking about what’s gonna happen, and focus on what is right in front of you!” - AMEN