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Grey's Anatomy Recap - I Saw What I Saw

I’m a total fan of Grey’s Anatomy, but I’ve got to admit it’s starting to bore me a little. I was also a total fan of ER, but grew weary after 3 seasons of trauma. Different injuries, same stories every week. This week changes that all up with GA.

After a tragic fire at a hotel, the ER fills up with burn victims, an injured fire fighter, a guy with an ax in his chest, and a mom with seemingly minor injuries. We find out that one of the victims of the fire perished at the ER – but don’t know who, or why.

The rest of the show consists of interrogations, flashbacks, and the scenario from the perspective of the docs involved. There’s a lot of blame going ‘round, and a lot of speculation.

It becomes clear about 20 minutes into the show that the mom is who the story is about, and it suddenly becomes extremely emotional for me. Before you are a parent, it’s easy to throw yourself into semi-dangerous situations, because if the unthinkable happens, it’s just you. That all changes when you’ve got little people who count on you. The thought of leaving your children behind is almost paralyzing at times.

The problem tonight occurred because no one thought the mom was hurt too badly. On the surface it looked like just a few minor burns – but in the mayhem that ensued, she somehow got lost in the shuffle. The Mercy West people were too busy worrying about what douches the Seattle Grace people are, and the Seattle Grace people were too worried about keeping the Mercy West people from the good injuries.

In the midst of all of this, the burn victim is not faring well. He’s really really bad. And Lexie can’t handle it. Dr. Sloan understands, Arizona doesn’t. She comes back and finds the mom being intubated. She goes to the burn patient and helps him calm down.

Back to the mom, the Mercy West peeps can’t get the tube in her throat, so Alex cuts her throat to get one in that way. At this point, I am GLUED to the screen. All of the boredom I was feeling is completely and totally melted.

The docs are scrambling to get her back to stable, but every organ is failing. They can’t get an IV in her because she's swollen up. She starts bleeding out, but no one knows why or what is going on.

The interrogation continues throughout, and suddenly Dr. Reed (she’s the MW gal with short hair) realizes what happened. Commercial. Aargh!

Back from commercial, and Derrick makes his first appearance of the night. He stops the efforts to revive the mom, and calls her time of death. He discovers that none of the docs present were claiming her as their patient – thus the investigation. Reed throws her friend from MW under the bus, and tells the interrogators that Dr. Kevner didn’t look at her throat. If she had looked, she would have seen soot, and she would have intubated her immediately. But she didn’t. And she loses her job over it.

It’s all kind of shocking in light of all the crap the SG people have gotten away with in the last few seasons – but this is a different time, and a different situation. Derrick and the Chief end the show discussing what caused this situation. Derrick puts the blame solely on the Chief’s back – for the merger. The merger caused this disaster.