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HBO’s sitcom ‘Lucky Louie’ has been cancelled after only one season. This was HBO’s first attempt at a multi-camera sitcom and though the network had the advantage of being able to use swear words and nudity for humorous purposes, it wasn’t enough to draw in viewers.

According to the showbiz trade papers, ‘Louie’ brought in just over a million viewers tuning in each week. ‘Entourage’, which aired before ‘Louie’ had twice as many viewers. Last summer, HBO had ‘The Comeback’ following ‘Entourage’ and like this year, the ratings weren’t high enough to keep the show. ‘The Comeback’ may have done well on network television but ‘Lucky Louie’ was definitely meant for cable.

The only thing that really set ‘Louie’ apart from other sitcoms was the crass humor and occasional weiner-shot, neither of which would have been appreciated by most network TV viewers (or the FCC).