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Ever since Happy Endings ended its run on ABC in 2013, fans have been clamoring for a reunion special or a revitalization of the comedy series. Although that hasn’t happened yet, we did get some good news related to Happy Endings early in 2016. As a surprise New Year’s gift, all episodes of the ABC comedy have been added to Hulu.

Various members of the cast shared the news on social media at the start of the year, including Casey Wilson, but our favorite comment was Adam Pally’s, which liked Hulu’s acquisition of Happy Endings to the streaming service’s purchase of the rights to air Seinfeld.

Obviously, binge-watching our favorite episodes is nothing to complain about, but Hulu, like Netflix, has had a penchant for bringing back popular shows. When The Mind Project was cancelled on Fox last spring, the subscription streaming service picked it up for another season. It would be a little harder to do this with the Happy Endings gang since it’s been a few years since the ABC comedy was in production, but if the show is well-watched on Hulu it could always get a Netflix-like revitalization if all of the cards come together.

Case in point, a lot of the cast hasn’t had a ton of luck with comedies following Happy Endings. Eliza Coupe had a comedy that got cancelled called Benched and she now works for Hulu on the series Casual. Adam Pally is also on Hulu’s series The Mindy Project. Elisha Cuthbert and Zachary Knighton aren’t tied to a TV series, now that One Big Happy and Weird Loners have been cancelled, respectively. And Damon Wayans Jr. mostly left New Girl toward the end of last season, although he may pop up on the comedy again. Casey Wilson has moved on to The Hotwives of Las Vegas, but what I’m saying is, while each of the actors does have some sort of gig, most of them could theoretically work out their schedules to do some Happy Endings reunion work, should this be something that Hulu wants to work out.

Hulu has yet to state that the streaming service has any big plans for the former ABC series, but at the end of the day, all 57 episodes are available for streaming and that’s something to celebrate. If you haven't caught the fondly-remembered comedy, yet, be sure to give it a shot at some point. It's a fun, friendship and relationship-oriented series set in Chicago that deserved more than the three seasons it ultimately got.