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A decade after the series ended, Heather Locklear is still arguably best known for her role as the bitchy, conniving Amanda Woodward on Darren Star’s original Melrose Place. Now Locklear is following the lead of Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty and making an appearance on the 21st-century remake/sequel of her 20th-century hit.

Variety informs us that Locklear will step back into Amanda’s pumps in the November 17th episode of The CW’s new Melrose Place remake, bringing a much-needed cougar element to a cast of hotties that includes Katie Cassidy (Supernatural), Stephanie Jacobsen (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronciles), and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz (ugh).

This casting doesn’t affect my commitment to my hobby of “Not watching the Melrose Place remake,” but here’s hoping Locklear shows those young’uns a thing or two. Most of them aren’t worthy to clean the dagger she’ll use to stab them in the back.