Henry Returning To Ugly Betty

Well, if you were hoping to see Betty and Henry back on screen together on ABC’s Ugly Betty, you’re about to get your wish. Word is, Henry’s coming back! And just when things were going for Betty and her sweet, adorable, not to mention super rich boyfriend Matt.

According to Entertainment Weekly’s Ausiello, Christopher Gorham just closed a deal to reprise his role as Henry, Betty’s ex-boyfriend in the series. He’ll make his grand reappearance during the two-hour season finale set to air on May 21st.

Spoilers ahead:

According to Ausiello, in the finale, Betty’s going to run into Henry. Henry’s got a new girlfriend and Betty’s happy with Matt. To prove to themselves that they’re over each other (or to test fate), they agree to go on a double date together. Let the awkwardness begin! Whether or not we’ll be seeing Henry next fall, Ausiello’s source wouldn’t say so I guess that leaves us to speculate over whether or not sparks will fly between Betty and Henry (and whether they’re the good kind or the bad.) Personally, I hope Henry’s return is brief. I think Gorham is adorable but I was over the whole Henry/Betty relationship the second Charlie got off the elevator. Plus, I like Matt and I’d hate to see Betty’s relationship with him fall apart because she thinks she wants to try to give Henry yet another chance.

Kelly West
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