Home Improvement's Richard Karn To Reunite With Tim Allen In Last Man Standing

All of this talk about the possible Boy Meets World sequel series in development likely has many of us feeling especially nostalgic for the 90s. After all, if Cory and Topanga stand a chance of returning to the small screen, what other great TV duos of the decade might also return? In the case of Last Man Standing, while we won't technically get to see Tool Time duo Tim and Al side by side again, the actors who played them will be back on screen together for an episode of the ABC comedy.

TVLine reports that Home Improvement's Richard Karn is on board to guest star in an episode of Last Man Standing. The Friday night comedy is inching closer to a full second season as ABC recently gave an order for five more episodes, which will bring the show to 18 episodes for Season 2. Karn is set to play "Bill, a gruff good old boy and the Outdoor Man’s original architect. He is dumbfounded when he learns he may be losing the account to a young, gorgeous woman — who he assumes got the job because of her good looks."

Considering the plot of Last Man Standing focuses on Tim Allen's Mike Baxter trying to maintain his manliness while surrounded by women, the set-up for Karn's character sounds fitting for the show. But the appeal will likely be the opportunity to see Karn and Allen back together on screen. If Bill happens to wear plaid flannel and some manly grunting ensues, I doubt anyone would complain. And from the sound of his character, it may not be a stretch to hope for something along those lines.

We have a little while to wait to see him on the series. TVLine says his episode is set to air sometime in early 2013.

Kelly West
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