Homeland's Zuleikha Robinson Will Guest Star On The Mentalist

Homeland wrapped up its second season last month and recurring actress Zuleikha Robinson now has some time on her hands. For her next TV role, the Homeland and Lost alum has signed on for an episode of The Mentalist, which no doubt means she will somehow be connected to a crime. But will she play a good guy or a bad guy this time around?

TV Line first noted the news, also stating Robinson will play a character named Dr. Sonia Kidd, a doctor of the Ph. D variety. Kidd will pop up in a latter half of Season 5 in an episode centered on a university murder. After one of Kidd’s students is killed, Lisbon and Jane come calling.

Unsurprisingly, TV Line is also noting that Robinson will develop a special sort of relationship with Mr. Mentalist himself, Patrick Jane. Jane usually tends to get in good with articulate women, as well as children of all natures and dispositions. I’m sure Jane will start tossing out his random thoughts on the human behavior going on around him and Kidd will either be enthralled or will be feisty and agree to disagree. That’s usually how Jane’s random interactions with smart women work. There’s no news yet on exactly which Season 5 episode Robinson will appear in, but with the second half of the TV season already upon us, it can’t be too far away.

CBS’ The Mentalist will air its first new episode of 2013 this Sunday at 10 p.m. ET.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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