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House of Cards is gearing up for its fourth season on Netflix, and if you have already binge-watched the first three seasons, it should come as no surprise that Frank Underwood is campaigning to run for President in 2016. During Tuesday’s big GOP debate, the Netflix series ran its first trailer for the new season, and it should come as no surprise that it’s actually formatted like a political ad. You can check out the clever marketing, below.
In the clip, Frank Underwood is selling the promise of a “new day” in America. It’s a dream that features soldiers coming home and out-of-work individuals gaining new work skills and jobs. In this political ad, Underwood directly addresses the camera, per usual, promising he’s only getting started, and even though we know the sentiment is as much bullshit as anything else that Underwood gets into on the show, he does capably sell his promise. He has to, if he wants to stick around as the President for a while.

My one issue with this reelection plotline is that Underwood must win, right? I mean, if he’s no longer the President, what is House of Cards going to be about, a brief former President running around and getting paid thousands of dollars to make speeches at various functions and events? I mean, really, it doesn’t seem as if House of Cards could go anywhere but another political win for Underwood, which is bad news for Heather Dunbar.

Spoilers if you are behind on House of Cards, although since the new season is on the way, you should probably get on that. The interesting thing should be seeing how the plot unfolds. When last we left Frank and Claire, shit had really hit the fan. The President’s pet project, AmWorks, wasn’t really working out and Frank and Claire were dealing with marriage problems for the umpteenth time. When last we left the pair, Frank actually won the vote in Iowa, although Claire was not there to be with him. She eventually tells Franks she is leaving him, but we’ll see how that plays out.

We won’t have too much longer to wait to find out. The veteran Netflix drama is going to hit the schedule later than usual this year, but as 2016 approaches, the House of Cards return date no longer looks so far off. This week, Netflix announced the show will be returning on March 4, 2016 presumably at 12:01 a.m. PST. Hopefully, we’ll get a full trailer with more footage from Season 4, soon.

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