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If Homeland has proven one thing, it's that the subject of terrorism makes for interesting TV drama. Then again, 24 did that for years, however Homeland's success comes as much from the suspense as it does the close examination of the mindset of a potential participant of a terrorist act on U.S. soil. It appears ABC is interested in exploring that subject with its own drama.

The Hollywood Reporter posted the news that ABC has given script orders for a drama from Pamela Davis (House). Titled Double Felix, the story follows "family man who after suffering from a traumatic brain injury attempts to regain his memory and discovers he may have been part of a domestic terrorist plot."

So, unlike Homeland, in which the lead character knows whether or not he's a terrorist, it sounds like part of the mystery for this one is the lead character being as in the dark as we as to whether or not he's been involved in some kind of terrorist activity. There's definitely potential with a story like that, if they can structure it right. One thing that worked so well about Homeland's first season was the pacing, and the fact that each episode is entertaining, without relying entirely on the mystery of Damian Lewis' Nicholas Brody.

Pamela Davis' credits includes being the executive story editor for House M.D, and a writer/producer for USA's buddy-cop series Common Law. This sounds like a shift for her, but an interesting one. We'll have to wait and see what becomes of the project going forward.

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