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Now that House is officially finishing up its run, the stars of the show will have to look for new jobs. It looks like Peter Jacobson is first out of the gate, as he has already signed on to join a pilot for Showtime. His role in the pilot Ray Donovan sounds like it will be a far cry from the character he’s been playing over at Princeton Plainsboro.

Word came from Deadline today that Jacobson has become the first of the soon to be unemployed cast of House to find a new gig. It wasn’t all that long ago that the official announcement was made that Fox’s long running medical drama will be done after this season. Still, since cancellation rumors had been floating around for some time and behind the scenes it was known that showrunners and star Hugh Laurie were lobbying to end the series now and let it go out in style, so Jacobson and the crew had fair warning.

Jacobson will play a character far different from the mild mannered former cosmetic surgeon he’s used to on the set of House, and I’m having some trouble picturing it. His new role is described as a “hard-driving” and “foul mouthed”, someone who uses the services of title character Ray Donovan, to be played by Liev Schreiber, regularly for his high profile clients. Donovan himself is a “fixer” who solves the problems of the rich and famous but can’t quite get his own family life under control. Also signed on to star in the pilot at Paula Malcomson, Elliot Gould, and Jon Voight.

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