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How Amanda Peet Almost Cost The World Game Of Thrones

Going into its fifth season, it’s easy to see that Game of Thrones has been a huge win for HBO. But back when David Benioff and Dan Weiss were still coming up with the pitch for the fantasy drama, they found themselves up against an unexpected obstacle: Benioff’s wife, Amanda Peet, who recently revealed she tried to convince her husband Game of Thrones was a horrible idea. Here's what she said to her partner when she found out he wanted to make the show.

“I’m gonna come off so badly… Yes, I thought it was a terrible idea, terrible. Just silly. It’s like Dungeons and Dragons, but real, with real people.”

I know. That statement makes the Good Wife and Togetherness actress look pretty bad, at least to all of the hordes of fans who have been waiting months and months for brand new episodes to hit the schedule. Luckily, Benioff ended up ignoring her opinion and pitched the show to HBO, anyway. Now that the show is headed into its fifth season (and has been renewed for more), Peet does try to redeem herself, also stating that she was wrong and is a huge fan, now.

“Now I’m obsessed. And just this afternoon, I went to my husband’s office to… ask him something and the storyboards were up for the next season in index cards on my left and I literally was like, David, David (hiding her face to shield her from the storyboards).”

Peet was visiting the set of TBS’ Conan when she revealed the first bit of information. At first, people seemed to give her the benefit of the doubt, like it was kind-of cute that Peet didn’t really get Game of Thrones before it was actually on the air. However, when she made the Dungeons and Dragons comparison, there were some audible gasps and scoffs. Luckily, Conan O’Brien came to the lady’s aid, helping her out of a tight bind. You can check out the full exchange in all its glory, below.

Luckily, Peet won’t have too much longer to wait for new episodes. HBO announced earlier this month that Game of Thrones will be returning to the schedule on Sunday, April 12. So far, if you are a little more into spoilers than the Togetherness actress, we do know a few things about Season 5, including information on new and returning characters, a bit of new footage, and the brand new thing the show is trying for the first time. If you are looking for as much information as possible regarding Season 5, be sure to check out everything we know about Game of Thrones' upcoming season. It may not be Amanda Peet’s way of doing things, but it’s definitely ours.

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