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When we last left flashback Oliver Queen in the Arrow Season 3 finale, he was still in Hong Kong about to board a boat going to Coast City, the hometown of the Silver Age Green Lantern Hal Jordan. When Season 4 kicks off, fans will catch up with Oliver in the past as he explores this other DC metropolis, and while we won’t see Hal anytime soon in this DC TV universe, rest assured that Arrow will have some major Green Lantern Easter Eggs when the season kicks off. Fans should specifically keep an eye out for certain advertising and possibly even a specific piece of jewelry.

While going over what flashback Oliver will be facing in Coast City, executive producer Marc Guggenheim informed EW that the Arrow Season 4 premiere will include fun nods to DC’s famous ring-slinger. According to Guggenheim:
There is a nod or two. There is a billboard that people will get a kick out of, and there may or may not be a ring in the season premiere.

This billboard that Guggenheim mentioned is no doubt the production art he posed on social media advertising Coast City to tourists. It even featured a slogan that was a fun play on the infamous oath the Green Lanterns saywhen recharging their rings. Who knows, maybe we’ll also see some kind of ad for Ferris Air, the airline company featured on both Arrow and The Flash that is headquartered in Coast City.

As for that supposed ring we’ll (probably) see in the season premiere, while the prospect of seeing a power ring capable of creating solid constructs is exciting, don’t get your hopes up for seeing that exact product on Arrow. It’s likelier to be a ring simply looking like what the Green Lanterns wear, and even then, we’ll be lucky if it’s green.

Aside from these fun Easter Eggs, flashback Oliver will have plenty to do while in Coast City. In last week’s Arrow Season 4 trailer, we saw him donning the green hood and taking his first steps towards becoming a vigilante, although it looks like his first mission doesn’t go as expected. This will eventually lead to him battling the criminal organization Shadowspire, whose members include its leader Baron Reiter and the mysterious Conklin, the latter of whom has been described as a personal adversary for Oliver. We’ve also wondered whether Oliver’s unnamed love interest in the flashbacks (played by Elysia Rotaru) might be Carol Ferris, Hal Jordan’s love interest in the comics. Just because he isn’t appearing doesn’t mean that members of his supporting cast can’t.

Arrow Season 4 will premiere Wednesday, October 7 at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

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