The CW's Fall Schedule Announced, Includes The Flash, Arrow And More

As part of the network upfronts, The CW has released its complete fall schedule, and the series seen on it are going to look very familiar to anyone who was watching this past season. Fan-favorite superhero shows like Arrow and The Flash are there, of course, as is the new comic-tinged hit iZombie.

But you’ll notice that a couple of those series are in different places, as the network has moved the third-season of Reign to Friday nights, while having the Vampire Diaries spinoff The Originals paired up with its predecessor. During today's upfronts, CW president Mark Pedowitz said that the Friday slot, which is almost always a series killer, will hopefully a good one for Reign since the show skews older, and it can avoid going up against ABC's Shonda Rhimes lineup. But what does that say for The Originals? In any case, check out the entire schedule below.

New shows on The CW are listed in bold.

jane the virgin



9-10 p.m. ET – Jane the Virgin

the flash


8-9 p.m. ET – The Flash

9-10 p.m. ET – iZombie



8-9 p.m. ET – Arrow

9-10 p.m. ET – Supernatural

vampire diaries


8-9 p.m. ET – The Vampire Diaries

9-10 p.m. ET – The Originals



8-9 p.m. ET – Reign

9-10 p.m. ET – America’s Next Top Model

You may have seen there’s no mention of The 100 up there, and that’s because The CW is holding the futuristic thriller back for a midseason debut. To go with it, the network is gearing up for the Arrow/Flash spinoff Legends of Tomorrow (which should be a massive hit) and the epidemic drama Containment. The latter two will join Crazy Ex-Girlfriend as the new blood on the network. Here’s hoping they’re good enough to last.

If the fall seems too far away, check out what’s coming to TV this summer, check out our full list here.

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