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How Joel McHale Is Fighting Dumb Internet Commenters

As people on the Internet who read things and then perhaps comment on them, you’re about to get a TV show based on your wordy antics, with presumably less sexism, racism and all-around hatred for all things that exist. Joel McHale is using his newfound production pull at E! to get a greenlight for the unscripted series Comments Section. Rumor has it, commenting on a story about this potential series transports you into an endless online black hole.

Comments Section has a pilot commitment from E!, which marks the first project that executive producer McHale has made with the company since The Soup’s host landed a production deal with the network. And it’s not that far off from the way The Soup pokes fun at the ridiculousness of reality TV and other (relatively) nonfictional fare.

Hosting Comments Section will be stand-up comedian and former professional tennis player Michael Kosta, Deadline reports. Also serving as executive producer, Kosta will spend the pilot humorously going through egregiously snarky and questionable comments that people leave on popular websites. There will be deconstruction of the comments. There will be jokes had at random people’s expense. And one has to assume that McHale himself will pop up at some point to give it the star power it needs…to get past network execs? Will they give people do-overs, Tosh.0 style?

The world of comments has become particularly heinous over the years, with GamerGate and Ferguson, Missouri provoking some of worst things I’ve ever read online. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be the employees (or interns, most likely) reading all of these comments, especially if there isn’t any blood pressure medicine nearby, along with a book to thump the forehead against. As well, I’d have to intentionally avoid throwing dictionaries at the computer screen.

While I admittedly hadn’t heard of Kosta before this news broke, a quick skimming of his material on YouTube reveals he is thankfully quite a funny guy. Check out the clip below of him performing for a summer camp and taking the piss out of a counselor for messing with her cell phone at the beginning of the show. It’s pretty NSFW.

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