How Kyle Chandler Wanted Bloodline To End If Netflix Didn't Want Season 2

When Bloodline debuted on Netflix in early 2015, it had a lot of positives going for it, from the stellar ensemble cast to the Florida Keys location to a creative team that had also put together the acclaimed drama Damages. But great parts didn’t guarantee the sum would impress Netflix brass enough to order up Season 2. During a set visit earlier this year, I spoke to star Kyle Chandler along with a few other outlets, and when asked if the show filmed multiple endings, the actor ended up revealing how he wanted Season 1 to end if Netflix wasn’t interested in ordering Season 2. Obvious spoilers ahead.

As far as they do alternative endings, literally written pages coming down to us, I haven’t seen them. I haven’t seen that, and I question that too, because my question was, well, if the show doesn’t come back, you know, have you thought about that, how do you end it, and I immediately, you know, floated the balloon first, I think. Kill John. I would love to die, you know, somehow, it would be nice to see this guy get what he deserves, you know. So, but they said, I guess the show looks to be in good shape, because they said we haven’t considered any alternative endings such as that.

What a team player that Kyle Chandler is. Not team as in being one with his Rayburn siblings, but team as in a morally centered human race. John Rayburn is a cop, and Chandler knows better than anyone in this show that John’s actions at the end of the first season (and okay, the middle, too) were not going to be easy to get away with when his professional life is devoted to putting criminals behind bars. Even if Danny was a piece of shit in a lot of ways, people aren’t just going to let his absence lie peacefully.

It’s possibly also telling just what kind of a character John really is. Instead of seeing himself being caught by Marco or someone else and being carted off to jail, Chandler says killing John would be the deserved punishment. Even in the Keys, prison is prison, and cops don’t always fare so well there, so perhaps John will only have one destiny no matter whose hand is the one doing the lethal dealing. I’m going to keep pretending that Kyle Chandler totally revealed part of Bloodline’s end game here.

But long before we reach the end of this series, which the creators say has been plotted out for several more seasons, we still need to see the aftermath of how Season 1 did end, what with Danny’s son arriving out of the shadows and guilt beginning its slow creep through John, Meg and Kevin.

Get your sunglasses and bottle openers ready, because Bloodline will hit Netflix for its Season 2 debut on Friday, May 27. Will John die this season? Can they do that for real? Why would they do that? WHY?!?

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Nick Venable
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