How Lady Gaga Got Angela Bassett Ready For Their American Horror Story Sex Scenes

I have to imagine that Ryan Murphy is living in a career dreamworld for this season of American Horror Story, as the cast is headed by Lady Gaga, a performer for whom limitations is just a word in a dictionary. Her libidinous approach to life fits in perfectly with the anthology series, and was showcased in how she eased co-star Angela Bassett into their hot and heavy sex scenes. Yes, it involved baked goods, if that’s what you were wondering.

In American Horror Story: Hotel, Bassett plays the popular actress Ramona Royale, who happens to have been a past lover of Gaga’s bloodsucking Countess Elizabeth. When the two actresses first met at a party that Gaga threw for the cast and crew, Bassett said that the Grammy-winning singer was dolled up in a somewhat see-through gown and her advice was that Bassett shouldn’t be nervous about their sultry scenes together. As Gaga put it, “I know about these things. I have been there.”

But what’s verbal advice without some kind of a visual representation to go with it? The party happened to fall on Bassett’s birthday, and Gaga gifted her with something that hinted at what their characters would be up to. Here’s how Bassett put it, according to Access Hollywood.

Then she brought me out a birthday cake…and what she was doing to me on this cake…[It was] an X-rated cake!

Bassett said she then asked Gaga if that would be considered foreplay. Maybe fork-play, amirite?

Considering this season of American Horror Story takes place in a hotel with tons of debauchery and moral-free behavior taking place between the walls, there’s no surprise that several of the characters will be hooking up in all manner of ways. Gaga is also romantically involved with Finn Wittrock’s sex-fiending male model Tristan and Matt Bomer’s Donovan. I have to assume that there are others involved, and that Bassett might even have a couple of other lovers at her disposal. I mean, our first look at her character had her dragging a shirtless dude around by a leash. Not an image that screams "chaste."


Get ready for all kinds of messes, both sexual and murderous, when American Horror Story: Hotel premieres on FX on Wednesday, October 7. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go bake my wife a cake, although the picture on it will just be of me changing batteries in the TV remote.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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