How Much More Of Earth 2 Will The Flash Give Us? Here's What We Know

Warning: spoilers from this week’s episode of The Flash are ahead!

After 12 episodes with just glimpses of Earth-2, The Flash finally let viewers visit this alternate world during the two-parter “Welcome to Earth-2” and “Escape from Earth-2.” Barry Allen, Harry Wells and Cisco Ramon went there to rescue Wells' daughter Jesse from Zoom, and after their mission was successful, they closed off the last portal breach once they made it back to Earth 1. So for now, there’s no way to travel between the two Earths. But don’t fret, because we haven’t seen the last of Earth-2 this season.

Executive producer Todd Helbing confirmed that fans will see “quite a bit” of Earth-2 in upcoming episodes of The Flash. Helbing also informed EW that Killer Frost, Caitlin Snow’s villainous Earth-2 counterpart, will also be seen again “sometime soon,” so viewers will find out her fate after defying Zoom. While the next couple episodes of The Flash are focused on the team dealing with King Shark, Trajectory and a past version of Pied Piper, it sounds like the final stretch of Season 2’s episodes will be mostly Earth-2 focused again. That makes sense, as there are still loose ends left over from the recent trip there.

From the moment Flash fans got their first look at Earth 2 in “Flash of Two Worlds,” it was clear that although this alternate Earth was similar to ours, there was plenty of differences, from fashion to geography to technology. (I still can’t get used to those vertical screens.) It was only during the two-parter that we truly got to see what it had to offer. By far the biggest surprise was seeing the doppelgängers of the main characters. Some, like Barry and Iris, were good people, while others, like Caitlin and Cisco, were bad seeds. Despite these distractions, the team went about trying to find Jesse, but they were foiled by Zoom and his metahuman lackeys at the end of “Welcome to Earth-2,” and Barry was subsequently captured.

In “Escape from Earth 2,” the team was able to find Zoom’s lair, thanks to Killer Frost (who wanted revenge against Zoom for killing her Ronnie, a.k.a. Deathstorm), and free Jesse and Barry. Unfortunately, Zoom came across them during the prison break, and the only reason they made it back to Earth-1 was Killer Frost unleashing her powers on the demonic speedster. Before the breach closed, Jay Garrick was impaled by Zoom’s arm and pulled back into Earth-2

So yeah, there are a lot of issues that need resolving on Earth-2 before Season 2 concludes. Is Jay really dead or is he still alive on his home world? Who is the man in the iron mask that was also being held prisoner? How did Killer Frost survive Zoom’s wrath? Most importantly, they need to get back there so they can defeat Zoom and finally figure out who he is under that freakish mask. As for Killer Frost, although she helped out the protagonists this week, I suspect she’ll be back to her evil ways for the rest of the season and maybe even Season 3. That’s assuming, of course, that Zoom hasn’t left her perpetual agony for her betrayal.

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