How Much Wet Hot American Summer Bradley Cooper Actually Shot

Bradley Cooper has kept a very busy schedule in recent months, much of this due to starring in the award-nominated film American Sniper, as well as his stint on Broadway performing in the stage adaptation of The Elephant Man. So, when the actor confirmed he was going to reprise his role as Ben in David Wain's Netflix series adaptation of Wet Hot American Summer, naturally we had our doubts as to whether or not he would be able to find the time. As it turns out, the actor was able to find just one single day to work on the set.

Shockingly though, Cooper is a man of purpose, and was able to shoot numerous scenes in his single day on set. Yes, it sounds hard to believe that an actor taking part in an eight-episode series could shoot all of his scenes in one day... but we're talking about Bradley Cooper. Need I remind you, this is the guy who played Eddie Morra in Limitless? Just because he was able to fit all his scenes into a single day of shooting doesn't mean he is missing from a number of the show's upcoming episodes, either. As Vulture reports, Wain and his co-writer Michael Showalter did heavy pre-planning to assure they plotted out filming schedules that could accommodate for Cooper's tight schedule (along with the schedules of the many other busy actors and actresses appearing in the series). Therefore, the actor is expected to appear in multiple episodes, some with reaction shots from his fellow actors, who filmed their material weeks in advance and some with true multi-actor interactions.

It was specifically noted that Cooper will be onscreen with Amy Poehler, who is set to reprise her role of the over-the-top director Beth. It also sounds like Cooper may have gotten up close and personal again with Michael Ian Black's character, McKinley, so fans can certainly look forward to more musky tube-socked encounters between the two as they encounter one another on the first day of camp in the upcoming prequel series.

Not only did Cooper cram in all of his shooting into a single day, the actor reportedly had to reschedule his trip to Los Angeles (where the series was filmed) due to his stage commitments on The Elephant Man. Prior to that his run of success with American Sniper forced him to rearrange his schedule, missing his one-day shoot in New York with Poehler on standby, to fly to Los Angeles for the Academy Awards ceremony. In the end, thought, the actor pulled it all together, getting every one of his scenes in the can on Wet Hot's final day of shooting, Feb. 26.

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, starring the entire original top-notch cast (and a whole bunch of A-Listers), debuts on Netflix on July 17, 2015.