Wet Hot American Summer Will Premiere On Netflix Sooner Than We Thought

Update:Just as an FYI, Netflix has updated its schedule and pushed the premiere back to July 31. You can check out all of the summer TV premiere dates, updated, here.

There’s great news for fans of Netflix today. No, we aren’t talking about the House of Cards Season 3 release—although that has been awesome. Today, Netflix released its list of summer premieres, and fans of the upcoming Wet Hot American Summer TV series should be super pleased to see the upcoming series on the schedule among a few other big shows. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day At Camp will premiere on Netflix on July 17.

When we first began hearing about a potential Wet Hot American Summer TV series way back in May of last year, we knew that Netflix was interested in picking the project up and the Wet Hot American Summer cast would hopefully be on board. However, nothing moved forward regarding the TV series until December, when new reports indicated the show would start production in 2015.

Apparently, Netflix (opens in new tab) has a pretty quick turnaround time when the company really wants a program to air. It’s actually pretty incredible, considering the original cast from the movies, including people like Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, Elizabeth Banks, Paul Rudd, Christopher Meloni and Molly Shannon almost all decided to come back for another round. In addition to the entire original cast, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day at Camp will also feature Jon Hamm, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Jason Schwartzman and more. It’s a huge feat to get a new TV series to capably come together with that many famous people involved, not to mention for it to happen so quickly. As such, it's pretty clear just what a passion project it was for all of these people to return. No way working out the schedules didn't require some serious sacrifices.


Netflix also announced the premiere dates for a slew of summer programs, including comedy specials and more. Chief among these other premiere dates is the Orange Is The New Black Season 3 premiere, which will hit the schedule on June 12. Other summer shows include Between and Sense8, which hit the schedule in May and June, respectively.

If you hopped into this article looking for Marvel’s Daredevil premiere date or some of the premiere dates for other Netflix original programs, you aren’t losing your eyesight. While today’s big Netflix premiere date releases are the focus of this article, we’ve been keeping a handy schedule of all of Netflix’s upcoming 2015 premiere dates. Additionally, you can catch our full 2015 midseason TV premiere schedule, here.

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