Hopefully everybody got to live the spooky life this weekend in Halloween's afterglow, but it's time to put away the masks and put on whatever you feel most comfortable laughing in. (Choosing to watch TV while wearing a mask is acceptable, but not entirely understandable.) So pull out your favorite candy and check out the three best comedies that hit streaming sites this past week.

”it’s No series on TV makes me laugh with as much regularity as It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Season 9 is no exception. This season contains my favorite piece of imagery from any season: Frank in his underwear, stuck inside of a piece of playground equipment. There are plenty of other highlights of course, such as Sean William Scott's appearance in "Mac Day," the epic Lethal Weapon 6 footage, Dee's stand-up career, and super-smart Charlie. The Gang finds itself in the middle of a gun debate, a convenience store robbery and a flu quarantine. Season 10 will start up in early 2015 and will hopefully continue putting this sub-legendary set of characters into the most morally defunct situations.

All 9 seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia can be found on Netflix Instant and Amazon Prime.

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