When Howard Stern signed on NBC’s hit competition show, America’s Got Talent, he signed on for one season of the show, noting at the time that he didn’t know if he would extend his contract into a second season. Today, however, it seems the popular radio show host has decided to return to America’s Got Talent for the show’s eighth season.

While NBC’s series has cycled through judges in the past, I’m sure the network was hoping they could keep the curly-haired radio personality on for more than one cycle. Last year, the show moved from a Los Angeles production to New York so Stern could join the team, since he still has daily radio duties. When Stern initially started judging, the bigger question was probably whether he could handle the constraints of a family friendly competition program, and overall, he managed to keep his usually unruly mouth in check, while still making bold judging statements.

TV Line reported that Stern will return for Season 8, which is likely a load off of the producers’ backs. Despite having a contract, Sharon Osbourne has stated she would like to be relieved from the program due to a disagreement with NBC over the treatment of her son. Replacing two judges in one season isn’t a disaster, but I’m sure it would be no picnic, either.

You can catch Stern in action when America’s Got Talent returns to the schedule in the summer of 2013.

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