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With three out of four heroes already introduced, Netflix’s The Defenders has begun to carve out a nice little corner for itself within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Dark, grounded, and visceral as hell, Daredevil and Jessica Jones have done an impeccable job of making their respective worlds feel interconnected with one another – and Luke Cage will undoubtedly do the same next fall. Iron Fist will round out the bunch, and it now seems that the series has enlisted the help of a familiar MCU character to tether it to the rest of the action: Jeri Hogarth

We’ve just learned that Marvel has announced the return of Carrie-Anne Moss’ Jeri Hogarth to the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first season of Iron Fist. Even the least astute fans will recognize Hogarth as a prominent character from Jessica Jones, who also made an appearance during the second season of Daredevil to offer Foggy Nelson a cushy job at her firm. It appears that Finn Jones’ Danny Rand will enlist the help and expertise of Ms. Hogarth when he returns to New York after a long absence and subsequently begins navigating the “alien” criminal underworld as a vigilante known as Iron Fist. We previously reported on the possibility of Carrie-Anne Moss returning to this universe, and now it seems that those rumors have been proven quite factual.

Jeri Hogarth almost seems like the Nick Fury of Marvel’s Netflix properties in the sense that her character represents a through-line of this universe that effectively ties all of these separate heroes together. She’s a woman of power who has her ear to the ground and can provide resources for the rest of The Defenders to take advantage of. Her law firm has served as a jumping off point for Jessica Jones – and by extension, Luke Cage – and has also entered Daredevil's world by enlisting the legal chops of Foggy Nelson. With Danny Rand about to make the acquaintance of Ms. Hogarth, it seems that the four Defenders will soon become well aware of each other’s presence on the streets of New York.

We will keep you posted regarding all of the latest and greatest news concerning Iron Fist and the rest of The Defenders’ series as it becomes available to us. For more information about upcoming Netflix premieres be sure to check out our 2016 Netflix guide. And to see everything else playing over the next few months, check out our summer TV schedule.

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