The Jessica Jones Character Who May Appear On Iron Fist

Much like Marvel Cinematic Universe other projects, Marvel’s Netflix programming likes to find ways to connect with one another. Most of the time this is accomplished through Easter Eggs, but as the Defenders miniseries moves ever closer, now characters are starting to jump from one series to another. Nurse Claire Temple is the main bridge between all the Netflix shows, Luke Cage debuted on Jessica Jones to set him up for his own show, and now it’s being reported that hotshot attorney and Jessica Jones’ occasionally ally Jeri Hogarth will appear on Iron Fist.

Alongside the mysterious descriptions of two of Iron Fist’s main players, Point of Geeks mentioned that The Matrix’s Carrie-Anne Moss will reprise Hogarth on the show. If true, this would make Jeri the second character confirmed to appear following the eponymous protagonist, though as mentioned earlier, Claire is also likely to show up in some form. It wasn’t specified whether Moss will be a series regular or simply recur, but considering her male counterpart’s connection to Iron Fist in the comics, it stands to reason she’ll play some kind of key role.

Jessica Jones Jeri Hogarth

In the comics, Jeryn Hogarth was friends with Wendell Rand, father of Danny Rand, a.k.a. the current Iron Fist. After Wendell’s death, Jeryn became the executor of his estate and kept an eye on young Danny. When Danny later became Iron Fist and joined forces with Luke Cage, Jeryn was hired as their lawyer and business representative. Since Iron Fist will explore Danny Rand’s early crimefighting career, it would be easy enough to set Jeri up as an associate/friend of Wendell’s who checks up on Danny when he returns to the United States and gets sucked into his new life.

Spoilers for Jessica Jones Season 1 are ahead!

When we left Jeri at the end of Jessica Jones Season 1, her life had basically been torn to shreds. Her divorce with her wife Wendy had gotten ugly, and then she made the mistake of freeing Kilgrave so he could help her, unaware of how powerful and psychopathic he truly was. After forcing Jeri to bring him to Wendy’s house so she could stitch him up, Kilgrave ordered Wendy to slash Jeri 1,000 times. Although Jeri’s girlfriend Pam was able to save her, she was arrested for killing Wendy, and once she discovered how cold a person Jeri really was, she broke up with her, leaving Jeri nothing but her career. Those experiences would be enough to make anyone avoid more association with the world of superheroes, but if this rumor is correct, Jeri isn’t out of the woods yet.

Iron Fist is expected to begin production sometime next year, and will be the last solo Netflix series to air before the Defenders miniseries is released.

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