We first heard about the American remake of the British sitcom White Van Man back in October, when Mark Gordon announced he was set to produce the project in partnership with ITV studios. After picking up White Van Man to pilot, ABC nabbed Kyle Bornheimer, the infinitely likeable actor from such duds as Worst Week Ever and Perfect Couples to star. Now, to really prove ABC has gotten its new pilot going, White Van Man has added one more to the cast.

J.K. Simmons has been hired to play the patriarch of the family in the new series.Between Simmons and Bornheimer, the show, about a young man who puts aside his own dreams to take over his dad’s handyman business, should be pretty funny. It is rather a good sign that Bornheimer and Simmons chose Mark Gordon’s particular pilot to work on next season. Both actors are in high demand, with Bornheimer coming off of last season’s Perfect Couples and Romantically Challenged, which were both canceled due to no fault in his acting. Simmons, too, has spent the last seven TV seasons starring opposite Kyra Sedgwick on TNT’s The Closer. According to Deadline, a slew of pilots were thrown his way and he eventually chose White Van Man from among them.

While it may seem a little odd Simmons would jump from a drama to a comedy, the man is no stranger to humor. In his career Simmons has been known for switching back and forth between dramas and comedies. Even during his stint on The Closer, he appeared in the hit movie I Love You, Man and as guest characters on shows from Party Down to Raising Hope. Suffice to say, White Van Man is shaping up nicely.

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