While Jennifer Lopez has frequently been Captain Positive during her tenure on American Idol, the actress and singer has mostly been a boon to a competition formula that had been beginning to grow stale in the latter years featuring Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell. Unfortunately, Lopez seems less passionate about the roll than many viewers had hoped she would be. After expressing concern over coming back for her second season, the 42-year-old judge eventually signed on to appear during Season 11. Now, with only a one-year contract, she’s going through the whole “should I” or “shouldn’t I” rigmarole, again.

Lopez went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tuesday to promote her upcoming move What To Expect when You’re Expecting. Cameron Diaz also appeared and the two talked about catfights and how nice it was to shoot a film as quickly as the one they just wrapped up. However, the real news came when DeGeneres asked the Idol judge if she would be returning for a third year.

You can check out the Ellen interview, below, or just catch the Idol news around the 2 ½ minute mark.

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"I really do enjoy it…Now this is my second year. I don't know if I can go for a third year. I miss doing other things. It really does lock you down, which was nice the first year with the babies being three, but now they're getting more mobile, they're about to go into school. So, I just don't know."

I can honestly see her point. Lopez has been brokering a deal to produce a show on MTV, she’s been busy with Q’Viva:The Chosen, she’s still shooting movies, and, on top of that, she has a lengthy tenure onIdol each TV season. With so much on her plate, something’s got to give, but I think a lot of us were hoping that something would not be Fox’s hit singing competition.

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