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Is Jerry Seinfeld Coming Back To NBC?

Remember when Jerry Seinfeld was on 30 Rock a few months back playing a self-inflated, egotistical version of himself (yeah, sure version)? Well, apparently that little guest stint went so well that Seinfeld is in talks with NBC for a summer series that is being described as “Curb Your Enthusiasm, but with Jerry.

According to The New York Post’s Page Six, the series would start airing in June and would take place in New York. If the “sources” are to be believed, and the new show will be based on Jerry’s former partner Larry David’s HBO show, the plot would revolve around a crabby, obnoxious, and famous Jerry Seinfeld, and not a B-List comedian Jerry Seinfeld, like his old show was. I guess when you have bazillions of dollars in the bank and a 45-car garage, you don’t have wacky neighbors and nebbish best friends anymore.

It must really be interesting to be Jerry Seinfeld. For most of his career, he’s never had to play more than himself in anything successful he’s ever done. His stand-up was weird things he noticed, Seinfeld was a fictionalized version of his life in NY before he got a TV show (and even put the development of Seinfeld as a plotline), and now he’ll be playing the rich and famous version of JS for NBC. So far, the only non-me project he’s done was Bee Movie and that only managed to annoy most people with the never-ending promotion of the movie, most which featured…Jerry Seinfeld.

Admittedly, I was never a big Seinfeld fan, and I’m even less a fan of Curb, but I do hope one thing does come out of this series. If they could shoot a scene where Jerry and Larry David run into each other on the street and they managed to incorporate it into both their self-indulgent shows, that would impress me. It probably won’t happen but I will look forward to the episode when Jerry gets in trouble for defending his wife against plagiarism charges.

Update: The Associated Press is reporting that an NBC Spokeswoman as well as Seinfeld's spokeswoman both stated that the rumors about Seinfeld's potential TV show aren't true.