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What does a reality star do when his time at MTV has grown stale? For Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, the answer seems to be to find a new reality series elsewhere. If MTV won’t have the former Jersey Shore star, TVGN most certainly will. On Monday, the network announced they have opened up a new chapter in The Situation’s reality TV book, signing the man on for a new show called The Sorrentinos.

As the title implies, The Situation might be the most well-known character on The Sorrentinos, but he certainly won’t be the only cast member. Also starring are The Situation’s mom, Linda, his sister, Melissa, and his two brothers, Frank and Marc (hopefully all will be less outrageous than Vinny’s Uncle Nino). The show will be focused around the family’s “everyday life,” giving viewers intimate access into the Sorrentino household. Additionally, the show will not shy away from The Situation’s past subscription drug abuse, focusing on his new, clean life and his attempts to make a solid career out of his former reality star fame. It might seem strange that the star would be using reality TV as a launchpad to get out of reality TV, but he’s clearly not the only celebrity that has used reality TV in the attempt to relaunch their image.

The Situation was one of the most important characters on Jersey Shore when it first began airing. He had the personality to make the GTL (gym, tan, laundry) lifestyle look appealing, and he seemed to be the leader of the pack in the household. Yet, while his co-stars Snooki and JWoww worked out a deal for a second reality series and Pauly D worked out a DJ career, Sorrentino was sidelined by a trip to rehab. The Sorrentinos will, in a big sense, mark his comeback onto the pop culture realm.

The TV Guide Network, like The Situation, has also been busy rehabbing its image, starting with its name, which is now TVGN. After that, the brand started building an original lineup, including but not limited to Big Brother After Dark and reruns of The Bold and the Beautiful. Alan Thicke has a new pseudo-reality series set to hit the network in April. And now, The Situation will get the chance to work his way into the limelight once more, hopefully improving TVGN’s prominence and ratings. I highly doubt The Sorrentinos will be able to capture the ratings of Jersey Shore, but even if it nabs a faction of those ratings, it will be a win-win situation for everyone.

Eight 30-minute episodes of The Sorrentinos are set to be produced for Season 1. The network hasn’t announced an official premiere date, yet, but production on the series is already underway. We’ll keep you updated as The Sorrentinos moves forward.

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