In a perfect world, we would all watch every show with merit from the beginning, but at TV Blend, we know how difficult it is to invest in a new show that could very well get cancelled. Who wants to invest in Animal Practice for a month before NBC sends word down the line that show has been cancelled? So we wait and we wait, and then eight months may go by, and then a whole TV season, and then two, and so on and so forth until we may have completely missed out on a worthwhile series.

While there are shows that are easier to invest in if they are watched from Day 1, luckily there are plenty of shows with the ease of plot or the writing finesse to help people to jump into any episode and get involved with a new series. To determine whether a show falls in to the former or latter camp, TV Blend writer Jessica Rawden has vowed to watch episodes of shows she’s never seen before and analyze those shows in different areas to let you, the reader, know how quickly you could become a fan. This week Jessica is tackling Castle’s Season 5 Episode 5 murder mystery, “Probable Cause.”

1. Quality Of Story
In many ways, Castle is a standard procedural featuring a group of police officers and one consultant, who helps the police team to solve crimes. In ABC’s series, Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) is the team’s affiliate, as well as a murder mystery writer with a unique perspective on cases. So far so good.

This week’s episode, “Probable Cause” was a wacky mystery, featuring red herring clues and putting Castle himself under pressure as a suspect. Unfortunately, the story wasn’t as jaw-droppingly weird as an episode of Bones, nor was it anything new for a quirky procedural. For instance, at one time or another, several of The Mentalist team members have been framed for a crime, and in this sort of situation, it’s always up to the team to catch a killer. Thus, “Probable Cause” was definitely an interesting episode to jump into, but the quality of story was somewhat middling.

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