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Long before he was interviewing the President of the U.S. on his late night talk show, Jimmy Fallon was a regular on NBC's long running sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live. The job paved the way for the film roles he took on later and his eventual career as the host of Late Night. Where would his career have gone if things hadn't worked out for SNL? We'll never know. But now we can see the audition that jump-started his career.

THR posted the video below, which recently surfaced on Reddit and shows Fallon auditioning for SNL. The eight-minute video consists largely of celebrity impressions, with a few other bits worked into it. Among the best of them, John Travolta, Jerry Seinfeld, and Adam Sandler…

The Adam Sandler one is great, and sort of fitting, considering the parallels we could draw between Fallon's role on SNL and Sandler's. Both incorporated music into some of their acts, and both played similar types of characters in sketches.

You may have heard the laughter from off-camera when Fallon did his Sandler impersonation. Apparently, SNL creator Lorne Michaels was one of the people laughing, and from the story Fallon shares in this interview for Sirius XM, it's not common for Michaels to laugh…

Back in February, Fallon had Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg on his show. Impersonating one another was probably inevitable. Watch the videos here.

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