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John Carpenter Lets Charlie Brown Finally Have His Revenge

If you've cruised by Funny or Die recently, you might have noticed that horror maestro John Carpenter is hosting their Halloween celebrations. John Carpenter's Funny or Die Halloween currently includes nearly a dozen videos, with the usual mix of silliness and recognizable celebrity faces. They've got clumsy ghosts, haunted slides, and the secret, NSFW history of "The Monster Mash."

By far the best offering, however, is a reunion of sorts for the beloved Peanuts gang. They've grown up and filled out, but they're still giving Charlie Brown a hard time. And it turns out, you can only pull that fucking football trick so many times before a person snaps.

Charlie Brown: Blockhead's Revenge from Dylan OBrien

"I've got a rock." That's good stuff. If you thought Charlie Brown and his buddies looked a bit familiar, that's because they're the cast of MTV's Teen Wolf. Granted, that assumes that any of you have been watching Teen Wolf. At any rate, Happy Halloween!