The Hunger Games: Catching Fire star Josh Hutcherson hosted Saturday Night Live last night in an episode that had him rocking an 80s mullet at one point, and dealing with a man with a baby’s body at another. Laughs were scattered, but it always helps when the host is funny, and all signs point to Josh Hutcherson having a good sense of humor. Check out the highlights ahead:

As we might have expected, The Hunger Games received a nod during the opening monologue when SNL players prepared for an epic fight to the death… and Kenan Thompson prepared for a key party.

Hutcherson donned a mullet and an ensemble Zack Morris would appreciate for the “Josie” sketch, which had him (mostly) lip-syncing to The Outfield’s “Your Love”…

Josh Hutcherson - Josie Sketch (Your Love... by IdolxMuzic

The “Animal Hospital” sketch wasn’t exactly hilarious, but Hutcherson had me cracking up nonetheless:

And here’s the sketch about the man with the body of a baby. I’ll admit, at the intro I thought it was going to be really stupid, and on premise alone, it kind of is, but Beck Bennett really sells it, especially if you’re familiar baby movements:

I think the sketch had me when he flopped down on the floor… or when he hopped into Taran Killam’s arms.

Anyone who’s been stuck next to this woman in some form or another on an airplane would’ve liked this “Weekend Update” bit:

And in the recurring sketch department, the disgruntled employees were back for a “Black Friday” sketch, working at Best Buy, where Hutcherson is their boss:

The ”Girlfriends” sketch was also featured in the episode, and HAIM performed.

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