You know what Fox needs? Another Gordon Ramsay cooking show! Ok, not really, but it's getting one, and it actually sounds like it could be good. The title should clue you in to what this show is all about. Junior Masterchef is a new culinary competition series that has cooking enthusiasts between the ages of eight and thirteen attempting to show off their skills in the kitchen. News of this series order comes with word that Masterchef has been renewed for two more seasons. And Hell's Kitchen has been renewed for another season.

There certainly won't be any less Ramsay on Fox anytime soon. The celebrity chef has secured a new multi-year deal with the network. Included in that is Junior Masterchef, which is based on the British format, and will presumably work similar to Masterchef in having amateur cooks competing with one another. I can definitely see that working for a TV show, as I expect there are some great undiscovered kid cooks out there just waiting for a chance in the spotlight. Ramsay's known for his tough criticism, but there's a lot less yelling on Masterchef than what we might hear on Hell's Kitchen, or even Kitchen Nightmares, so I think the kids shouldn't have cause to worry there.

There's no mention of casting for the series, but if you know a kid with the kitchen chops to compete, you might try keeping an eye on Fox's casting page for updates.

The fourth season of the grownup version of Masterchef is set to debut on May 22. And now we know there are two more seasons lined up after that. As for Hell's Kitchen, the series is currently amidst its eleventh season, and it looks like it'll be back for a twelfth.

With Junior Masterchef joining Fox at some point in the 2013-2014 season, that puts five Gordon Ramsay TV shows on Fox. Junior Masterchef joins Masterchef, Hotel Hell, Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares.

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