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"Excuse me, I'm so sorry, I had wine and cake for breakfast."

Forget Bad Teacher (because CBS cancelled it) and get ready for NBC's Bad Judge, a new half-hour comedy, which has Kate Walsh playing the titular "bad judge," Rebecca Wright. It's evident from the preview that her personal life's a mess, and her professional life's not doing so well either.

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Written by Chad Kultgen, with Will Ferrell and Adam McKay on board to executive produce, Bad Judge These days, you can find Kate Walsh laughing or crying on FX's Fargo, where she's been demonstrating her sense of humor rather well, but the NBC's bringing the Private Practice star back to network television with Bad Judge. Here's the official synopsis for the comedy, which also stars John Ducey, Tone Bell and Theodore Barnes...
No excuses, no apologies, no compromises. Wild child Rebecca Wright (Kate Walsh, “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Private Practice”) knows how to have a good time, but she also happens to be one of L.A.’s toughest and most respected criminal court judges. She has a reputation for unorthodox behavior in the courtroom, including creative rulings and saying exactly what’s on her mind. Her private life, on the other hand, is anything but innocent.

She parties too much and rocks out on the drums in a band with her best friend, Jenny. While there’s no shortage of male admirers who would love to spend time with her, she’s not ready to settle down … except when an 8-year-old boy — whose parents were put in jail by Rebecca — needs her help. He may, in fact, be the one thing that starts to tame this “bad” judge.

And here's a clip that gives us a sample of Rebecca's morning routine...

I want to know what the story is with that van. In the meantime, as mentioned, Kate Walsh has been demonstrating how funny she can be on FX's Fargo, so it's great to see her trying out a lead role in a comedy. NBC has Bad Judge set to air on Thursday night between The Biggest Loser and another new comedy, A to Z. Check out NBC's full 2014-2015 line-up here.

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