Kevin Smith has a funny way of retiring... Okay, to be fair, he only said that he would retire from filmmaking (with his passion project Hit Somebody on the slate after his current film, Red State, hits theaters this October) so this new TV project he's championing, (not to mention his own radio station, S.I.R.) isn't really pulling a Michael Jordan or more appropriate for the hockey loving Smith, a Gordie Howe. Yes, Kevin Smith is making a TV show and by the sounds of it, it couldn't be anymore in his wheelhouse.

As per usual when making these kind of announcements, Smith took to his social media accounts and tweeted that Tell 'Em TV is shooting a '@BryWaltQ and Stash Show'... which sounds a little confusing until you head over to the Facebook Page that runs down the details on not one but two casting opportunities. The first is to work/star in a television series set in his Secret Stash comic shop, The second, for what he calls 'Pawn Stars for Fanboys' is looking for individuals with cool and unique memorabilia to trade or sell or even just have valued a la Antiques Roadshow.

So, there you have it, Kevin Smith really is taking control of his empire but at least he wants you to come along with... and as a pretty big comic book fan, I'm in.

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