Last Resort's Full Series Will Be Available On DVD In July

ABC’s short-lived series, Last Resort, was notable for its extensive special effects, as well as its unique premise. The series follows a submarine crew that goes AWOL after the government frames them for an attack the crew did not commit. Eventually, the crew sets up camp and goes on missions, all while working to clear their names, hoping to be able to return home. If you missed the series during its brief run on the air or just want to check it out, you’ll be able to catch Sony Picture Home Entertainment’s Last Resort: The Complete Series set when it hits DVD on July 2.


Honestly, the company has not chosen to put together a Blu-ray release for the TV series, which normally doesn’t say great things about a set, but the DVD release looks way nicer than most network programs that only get one season on the air. All 13 Season 1 episodes will be available with the Complete Series set and an additional 13 featurettes will be available as bonus features. I especially like the sound of the “Epilogue” bonus feature, which will offer interviews from the cast and crew speculating on where the major characters would have gone.

People seemed to like Last Resort when it aired early on, but that success didn’t last. Ratings continued to drop for ABC’s freshman drama, and by November, the network opted to cancel Last Resort, alongside 666 Park Avenue. Cancelling both shows in November gave the writers and creators enough time to put together Season 1 finales that doubled as series finales. So, even if Last Resort didn’t wrap up as satisfactorily as fans may have hoped, at least the whole series is self-contained.

You can pre-order the set over at Amazon, or check out the special features, below.

Last Resort DVD Special Features

  • “Making the Pilot”
  • “Profiles in Courage” Explore the dossiers of the USS Colorado crew members.
  • “Conn Artists”
  • “Anatomy of an Episode “
  • “Grace Under Fire”
  • ”Ties That Bind” Will Christine defend Sam to the end?
  • “Subvirtua”l A look at the computer-generated visual effects.
  • “The Buzzard’s Nest” The cast and crew talk about constructing Tani’s bar
  • “Turning Point “ Shawn Ryan and Karl Gajdusek recap the Naval SEAL mission in Pakistan that sets off the chain of events in the series.
  • “The Mole”
  • “Serrat’s Lair”
  • ” I, Kylie”
  • “Epilogue”
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