Joining ABC's line-up this fall is the Shawn Ryan/Karl Gajdusek drama Last Resort, which stars Andre Braugher and Scott Speedman, and follows a nuclear submarine crew disobeying orders and ending up taking shelter on an exotic island. With Ryan's name attached, I have high hopes for this one and the trailer has me thinking it's going to deliver.

Despite the unfortunate cancellations of Terriers and The Chicago Code, I'm still optimistic that Shawn Ryan's latest project will achieve the kind of ratings success the previous two series deserved but didn't get. Interestingly enough, Last Resort steps away from law enforcement and takes us into a military setting, which could make for some very interesting drama.

500 feet beneath the ocean's surface, the U.S. ballistic missile submarine Colorado receive their orders. Over a radio channel, designed only to be used if their homeland has been wiped out, they're told to fire nuclear weapons at Pakistan.

Captain Marcus Chaplin (Andre Braugher) demands confirmation of the orders only to be unceremoniously relieved of duty by the White House. XO Sam Kendal (Scott Speedman) finds himself suddenly in charge of the submarine and facing the same difficult decision. When he also refuses to fire without confirmation of the orders, the Colorado is targeted, fired upon, and hit. The submarine and its crew find themselves crippled on the ocean floor, declared rogue enemies of their own country. Now, with nowhere left to turn, Chaplin and Kendal take the sub on the run and bring the men and women of the Colorado to an exotic island. Here they will find refuge, romance and a chance at a new life, even as they try to clear their names and get home.

The above description lays out the story but the trailer does a much better job of giving us quick introductions to some of the characters and then thrusting us straight into the drama as we see what happened when Braugher's character Chaplin questions orders.

Last Resort doesn't look like anything else on ABC, or on network TV, come to think of it. The story is interesting, the cast looks great and there's an exciting plot. I'll be looking forward to seeing this drama premiere this fall.

Will you watch Last Resort?

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