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Those who've been keeping up on the numerous Outlander updates from Starz since the series went into production last year are likely familiar with the "Speak Outlander" videos, which have given fans some helpful tips on how to pronounce those tricky gaelic phrases, frequently used in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series, and most likely also set to be used in Ronald D. Moore's small screen adaptation, which is slated to premiere on Starz in August. The above video has star Sam Heughan teaching us how to say Happy Birthday in Gaelic. Missing from the video is Adhamh o Broin, the Gaelic speaking coach who's usually on hand to introduce these videos...

Why isn't Adhamh in the "Happy Birthday" video? Dinna fash, fans! He's probably not there because it appears this message is for him! Happy Birthday\ Adhamh O Broin! Or "Co-latha-breith sons dhut!"

Yeah, that's about as easy to say as it is to type, but I suppose we'll have to get used to that if we're planning on watching Outlander, right? The story is set in Scotland and centers on a World War II combat nurse who's on vacation with her husband when she finds herself thrown back through time to 18th century Scotland. She's eventually forced to marry the gallant Scottish warrior Jamie Fraser (Heughan).

Outlander continues to share updates from the set, including this shot of Sam Heughan for "Man Crush Monday."

And here's a look at Aislin McGuckin, the MacKenzie matriarch, having her hair fixed...

And there's so much plaid in this one...

Starz is set to premiere Outlander on Saturday, August 9 at 9:00 p.m. View the full Summer TV premiere schedule here, and check out the latest Outlander trailer here.

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