Lauren Ambrose In For Weekends At Bellevue

Lauren Ambrose may be giving network television another shot. The former Six Feet Under star has been cast to star in a pilot for Fox called Weekends at Bellevue.

According to Deadline, Ambrose, who’s currently playing a role in Torchwood, has been cast to play the role of Ellie in Weekends at Bellevue, a pilot about a psychiatrist who works the weekend shift at Bellevue’s psych unit. The pilot is being written by Lisa Zwerling (ER).

I haven’t seen Torchwood, so I can't comment on her role in that series, however, this new role definitely seems more grown up by comparison to the roles she played in Six Feet Under and more recently, the short-lived Return of Jezebel James. Should the show get picked up, it will definitely be interesting to see how she handles the part.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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